What is the Veil?

What is the veil? The Veil separates our current reality from the Beyond. The Beyond is simply a realm of possibilities where time and space are obsolete, where magic and joy, and love exist in ALL facets of being. There is no creation OF or striving FOR, it just IS.

Our current reality is made up of what we experience through our conscious mind and our senses.  The veil keeps hidden secrets and knowledge that you haven’t, until now, been ready or open to seeing. Picture it as a sheer, gauzy curtain that allows glimpses, albeit murky ones, of what could be.

Do you know how special you are? Did you know that you have a whole TEAM of benevolent energies that have been assigned to JUST you in order to help you reach your fullest potential while here on Earth?

These benevolent energies are vast and can include spirit guides, angels, animal spirits, fairies, dragons, unicorns, ghosts, etc.  Anything you have been taught didn’t exist, or was make believe, or fantasy is because our society cannot seem to handle the idea of there being anything beyond what our conscious minds can grasp.  But if you’re here, you at least have an inkling that there is something beyond.

Do you ever see patterns of numbers throughout the day? Ponder a situation only to have a song come on the radio that seems to answer your question? Dream or meditate and feel like you’re having a conversation with an old friend who helps you figure out something that may have been bothering you? These are all messages from your spirit team. It’s not always simply your intuition that is guiding you even though it may feel that way. Your spirit team are external energies that seek to provide information and guidance.  Typically, though, they can only do so when asked. Hence the reason that establishing a connection to them is so helpful.