The Veil separates our current reality from the Beyond. The Beyond is simply a realm of possibilities where time and space are obsolete, where magic and joy, and love exist in ALL facets of being. There is no creation OF or striving FOR, it just IS.

Our current reality is made up of what we experience through our conscious mind and our senses.  The veil keeps hidden secrets and knowledge that you haven’t, until now, been ready or open to seeing. Picture it as a sheer, gauzy curtain that allows glimpses, albeit murky ones, of what could be. Do you know how special you are? Did you know that you have a whole TEAM of benevolent energies that have been assigned to JUST you in order to help you reach your fullest potential while here on Earth? These benevolent energies are vast and can include spirit guides, angels, animal spirits, fairies, dragons, unicorns, ghosts, etc.  Anything you have been taught didn’t exist, or was make believe, or fantasy is because our society cannot seem to handle the idea of there being anything beyond what our conscious minds can grasp.  But if you’re here, you at least have an inkling that there is something beyond.

Meet Your Veil Thinner, Barbara

Barbara here, Veil Thinner extraordinaire. BFA graduate from Washington University, School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, Missouri. Fashion Department dropout, not “beyotchy” enough to put up with the constant critique. Not realizing that empaths coming into their own do not suffer negativity gladly. But that’s another story.

As a child constantly doodling faces, who knew back, then they were actually angel faces? Fast forward 40 years. During a moment of quiet contemplation with my sketchpad in my lap, doodling, a face and figure appeared. This was very unusual. I soon found out it was my own Guardian Angel, Lucy. I was now able to connect to her energy for the first time! In the past, I had taken courses to learn my GA’s name, only to forget it. Or, in a meditation writing down their name only to lose the paper.

Who do You want to Connect with today?

Guardian Angels

Everyone has their own guardian angel that has been with them and only them since their first incarnation on Earth. These angels are with you in every lifetime, but have never taken a human form.  Never meant to impose, as you have free will, you must ask for their help. Your angel is a faithful advisor, providing guidance, protection, and unconditional love. 


Spirit Guides

Your guides have chosen to come through for you in a form you can relate to: as a human though they no longer inhabit that form.  They may be a person in history, a deceased loved one, or even from lost continents or galaxies.  Some of them (yes, you can have more than one) have been with you since birth (or even before) while others come and go as needed to help you at specific points along your journey.

Pet Spirits

When your beloved pet crossed the rainbow bridge, a hole was left in your heart.  I know this and have lived this since my beloved Lili crossed over in 2016.  In my grief I found that I was constantly trying to find ways to honor her and to feel closer to her.  After many attempts, I finally found a way that resonated with me, and now others.  

Connect to the energies of truly evolved souls such as your
Spirit Guides
Let’s see who is showing up for you in this moment



You To

You question your limiting beliefs, asking if they are true and bringing them to light where they can dissolve. I also want to touch on worrying. First it’s a wasted emotion, but once again a human one. Instead of worrying about what others are feeling, ask them and really listen to them.

You have discovered that you can change thoughts of not worthy and less than, to thoughts of you are loved, happy, and joy-filled. No longer will you live your life by subconscious habit and default. However, as an imperfectly, perfect human being, it is not realistic to think that all you have to do is change your thoughts and feelings once and all is well.

There will still be times of uncertainty when those negative thoughts come back and you are feeling low, so, time to journal. Write down the negative thoughts you were thinking and the aches and pains you are feeling in your body. And then write down all the reasons they aren’t true: just by being born I am worthy. I am loved. I am an infinite, unlimited being and I have been playing small. All that negativity is a lie and you are all about love. Where there is love, fear cannot exist.

Continue to get outside and walk in nature, feel the sunlight on your face, and breathe in the scents of the flowers and trees around you. Stay in the moment, breathe deeply and feel the joy of being your best self. Live in joy, laughter, love, and share your light with the world. Every day practice this expanding light exercise when you wake up. Breathe in and out see a flicker of light in your heart.

Breathe deeply. You are THAT powerful able to send out light and love to the ENTIRE world! Feel the joy. Then bring the light back to your heart, take another deep breath and carry that love and joy with you throughout the day. What a gift you are to the world.

Are you being too safe in your choices? You have chosen to manifest a life without a co-creator, a partner, a long-term loving relationship. But I just want to bring this up that if there is a whisper of desire to share your life with that special someone, it is time to manifest them into your life. If you have no desire, even a small glimmer, then no worries my love, as you are truly living the life of your dreams. The freedom, of not having to answer to anyone else is totally a gift.

Self love and self care means you fill yourself with loving energy first. It is important to give to others only from your overflow.

Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need to do. It is easy to become so involved in an activity that you don’t realize how taxing it may be tomorrow. So, as you wake up each day, scan your body and see what it needs… from gentle stretching to a brisk walk.

Not everything is life or death. It’s okay to be wrong, embrace it and learn from it. Remember that a mistake just means to approach it in a different way. It doesn’t mean to throw in the towel, it may just mean it’s time to close up shop and play in nature. Laugh, enjoy life, love. Get out of your head and be present in the moment. Just Be and see the magic that awaits you.

Be grateful for everything in your life now. Your loving husband and family and all the blessings that are already in your life. You are loved. You are blessed.

    What Others Say about Barbara's gift.

    Cathy K.

    Adara has arrived! She is just as inspiring in living color! Thank you for the note as well. She is the one I now realize has been pushing me all my life to take risks my immediate family would have frowned upon. Let’s see where she takes me now.

    Peggy Q.

    Yes it certainly does (resonate). I always find that I am too sensitive to what others do or say and so many times take things way too personally – she has pretty much read me like a book!!! Thanks!!!

    Jessica Marie

    CEO moneypowerfreedom.ca

    I loved receiving my GA in the mail and holding her in my hands. The message was beautiful and I look at her everyday as she is with me in my office while I work. Keep on doing the thing your heart desires.



    Vicki S.

    It’s confirming some of the messages I’ve been getting to stop feeling insecure, that I have what inside me is enough. I’m really looking forward to working with her on a much deeper level! Thank you so much. She’s beautiful! Barbara