Order Spirit Guides

Your Spirit Guides were most likely human at some point and therefore can easily relate to the human experience. What better way to achieve your highest potential while here on Earth than to connect to the energies of truly evolved souls such as your Spirit Guides? Some may have been with you before you were even born, while others come and go to help you through different stages of growth or lessons. Let’s see who is showing up for you in this moment…

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Please provide a current photo of the recipient as this allows me to better connect with their energy to determine what Guide is coming through for them.

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Please allow 10-28 days from receipt of payment for email delivery of a JPEG image of your Spirit Guide along with information on how to connect with them.  The physical illustration/painting (if ordered) will then be sent out via Priority Mail.

Should you desire receipt of your Spirit Guide prior to the 10-28 day window, please contact me about rush orders which will bring you to the front of the queue. Additional fees apply for all rush orders. 

Shipping and Handling are as follows: $20 if shipped within the US.  International Shipping is available and will be determined at the time of ordering.

     Email me a recent photo of the recipient after submitting this form.