Mira Lee Garner

Thank you for showing me my GA Ralph a few years ago.  When I first saw him, I said wow! I knew exactly who he was, he had been showing up at church behind the minister for a very long time.  Ralph had also showed up at Church after my brother died many years before. The colors she chose were exactly what I saw. The purple vestments were so accurate. Thank you, Barbara.



Christine Alexandra

Barbara Civin has a true gift. She has the ability to tap into your soul’s energy to not only reconnect you with your guardian angel, but also with you beloved furbaby, and spirit guide. Investing in the higher package to receive a message from Pinky, my guardian angel, not only confirmed my inner knowing, but offered a fresh perspective to make my days brighter and more empowering.



Peggy S.

Thank you, Barbara, for adding light to paper and showing our angels to us. Even though I always knew mine was there it is very comforting to have an image.


Vicki S.

It’s confirming some of the messages I’ve been getting to stop feeling insecure, that I have what inside me is enough. I’m really looking forward to working with her on a much deeper level! Thank you so much. She’s beautiful! Barbara

Peggy Q.

“Yes it certainly does (resonate). I always find that I am too sensitive to what others do or say and so many times take things way too personally – she has pretty much read me like a book!!! Thanks!!!”

Linda Sue A.

“She is beautiful, Barbara thank you. I am sitting here in tears, smiling. I know exactly what Livie is talking about. I run a family business. We work all the time, it seems. It is tough to find that balance in life. I was just speaking about worthiness with a mentor friend of mine today. That is an issue of mine too. I feel blessed. Thank you Barbara.”

Anna O.

“Love it! Thank you Barbara. Tears of joy right now so yeah it’s resonating. In particular the part about her being strong and having my back, that hits home.”


“I highly recommend Barbara for her Guardian Angel art and messages, and Spirit Guide sketches.  When I saw the pictures of my angel and guides, something inside me lit up and I had instant soul recognition.  She gave me a beautiful message from my angel that was spot on, and helped me to really feel that special connection.  She also guided me to connect with my spirit guides and taught me to get their names  I now have a very personal relationship with each guide.  Once I connected, I started getting dreams and channeled information from each of them.  These connections keep growing in beautiful ways each day.  THANK YOU, Barbara!”

Energy Healer


Pamela D.

“What a beautiful gift you have Barbara, to be able to converse, draw, & give hope & peace. That’s beautiful. Truly. I was just looking at her. Love the green & gold. There’s a familiarity.”


Cathy K.

“Adara has arrived! She is just as inspiring in living color! Thank you for the note as well. She is the one I now realize has been pushing me all my life to take risks my immediate family would have frowned upon. Let’s see where she takes me now.”

Tami W.

“Tracy was filled with emotion when she opened her Angel. With tears in her eyes she said this is the best gift I have ever received.  And I have to say it is the best gift I have ever given.”


When Beth saw Stella and read her message, she said it resonated with her. She replied walking barefoot on mother earth is soothing to me. As to the part about succeeding, it struck a chord as she replied: For all I have been successful at I am still not satisfied and still seeking.

Christina W.

“This Angel picture is Amazing and so fun to see the expressive colors. For me, the message that came along with my Angel is what blew my mind. It all resonates deeply with me. And her colors are my favorite. And to top it off her name Skye….lately I have been drawn to taking photos of the sky. Looking at sunsets and sunrises is when I feel the closest to God…the Source… the Universe. How cool is it that I really am connecting when I look at the Skye!”


(Tony gifted his six month old niece Amelia, with her Guardian Angel, Frankie.)

“Everyone loved Frankie – it was the perfect gift!

I was so happy to share with her your talent and give her such a meaningful gift that she will have forever. Thank you again, it was really really special.”

Jessica Marie

I loved receiving my GA in the mail and holding her in my hands. The message was beautiful and I look at her everyday as she is with me in my office while I work. Keep on doing the thing your heart desires.




I have really loved having Barbara’s painting of my Guide Lisa. I already know how to connect to the Guides, but I don’t see them. I guess I was always a little afraid to see things. This is why it was so wonderful to actually get a visual of my Guide Lisa because it felt like I could finally put a face to something that is invisible. 

I think for a lot of people, the Guides seem really far out there. But they are just as real as you and me. It is wonderful that Barbara has this amazing ability to see them and then paint them. It is such a gift! I highly recommend getting one for yourself to connect with your own Guide(s)!


Amy L.

Barbara does a beautiful job of establishing the connections between her clients and their guides/angels and then allowing the guides/angels to direct her to what is needed to be shared in that moment. I so appreciate that she allows herself to be the conduit and doesn’t try to interpret any of what comes through. THAT takes tremendous skill and patience and the resulting artwork and messages are a powerful balm for the soul.