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Barbara Channelling
Barbara here, Veil Thinner extraordinaire. BFA graduate from Washington University, School of Fine Arts in St. Louis, Missouri. Fashion Department dropout, not “beyotchy” enough to put up with the constant critique. Not realizing that empaths coming into their own do not suffer negativity gladly. But that’s another story.   As a child constantly doodling faces, who knew back, then they were actually angel faces? Fast forward 40 years. During a moment of quiet contemplation with my sketchpad in my lap, doodling, a face and figure appeared. This was very unusual. I soon found out it was my own Guardian Angel, Lucy. I was now able to connect to her energy for the first time! In the past, I had taken courses to learn my GA’s name, only to forget it. Or, in a meditation writing down their name only to lose the paper.

Getting to know Lucy and receiving her guidance has been life-changing. I now know who I am as a person, an artist, and my life purpose is clear. Lucy has supported me for eternity and will continue to do so in the future.

An international veil thinner, I am here to connect like-minded individuals with members of their spirit team to help establish their own more profound, more meaningful connections. A facilitator, bridging the gap between what you see, know, and understand in the here and now to all that lies beyond, behind the veil.

I am a channel for the energies of your spirit guides and guardian angels, and even your pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. They all come to life on paper via my sketches and paintings. Each guided angel that has come forth has been very particular in how they are depicted, nudging me to fix their lips, eyes, or jawline. I am merely their hands as they guide me to follow their instructions. Heaven forbid I ignore them because they will continue to harp on me until their demands are met. They do this because they know that you need to feel a connection to them. One thing they’re adamant about is that they must all have distinct faces because the “eyes are the windows to the soul.”

Pet Spirit paintings are a bit of a different process because you have already experienced their energy in a physical form. Once again, acting as a channel, I infuse their energy into the paintings. In this way, I am creating a portal to bring your beloved pet closer to the veil, reconnecting you to their power so you always feel their unconditional love.

My work is so meaningful to me. Know that I feel truly blessed and grateful to share my gifts with you.

The Process of Creating a Spirit Guide

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